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Steve Giddings

Montague Consolidated School
Music Teacher
Stratford, Prince Edward Island
Aside from his regular gig as a public school music teacher, Steve is a regular columnist in the Canadian Music Educator Journal where he writes on topics including popular music education and creativity, and is author of the award-winning book, Rock Coach: A Practical Guide for Teaching Rock Bands in Schools, and Creative Musicking: Practical, Real-Life Ideas to Get Your Learners Creating Their Own Music. He also just released his third book called, Technology for Unleashing Creativity, through Oxford University Press. He has been a long-time advocate for creative musical practices and a conduit for pushing the envelope in music education throughout Canada and across the world. He is owner and operator of StevesMusicRoom.com, a music education blog and resource hub. Follow him on socials @StevesMusicRoom.