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Adam Goldberg

P.S. 177
Instrumental Music and Music Technology Teacher
New York, NY
I'm grateful to be able to draw on my expertise and experience as a professional musician, as well as my growing knowledge of currently available music technologies, to help provide for the essential artistic outlet so critical to the growth, well being and expression of the Special Needs student.

I am deeply moved by seeing the joy experienced by my students when they are able to express themselves musically, as that expression is key to enriching other academic and social areas of their lives. It is profoundly inspiring to know that the various skills developed during the process of music-making can greatly aid the student in many other areas of their academic, physical, and psycho-social growth. This is in addition to the fact that music, in and of itself, is a vital art form that provides a myriad of benefits not fostered through other academic activities.

My conviction towards music as an invaluable tool for the overall growth of the music student, and my commitment to the Special Needs population, has led to many successes, and my work has recently begun to be recognized in the fields of education and technology. Of note are two videos put out by District 75, NYC's Special Needs district:

A feature by Fox Network News:

It is my sincere desire that others in the field benefit from my experiences and successes in employing music and music technology for the enhancement and advancement of my students' lives.